Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

The Dream

My breathing stops. Somehow I know
You’ve come to watch me in my sleep.
I’m shivering in darkest dreams
Drown in the secrets that they keep.

I’ve seen the ravens warning me:
They feel the grief inside you, too.
If only we could still believe –
The winds would carry us on through.

I’d let my hand sink in your chest
And feel your breath. So warm. So pure.
The golden heartbeat down your breast
Would sing of love. Would be the cure.

This siren’s song, those glist’ning lights
Could melt into the “one”, the “all” –
The world would know of love and fear
And, for one second, hear the call.

My breathing stops. I am not scared
Although you have felt all of me.
The ravens’ choir wakes me up –
And now your eyes are all I see.

(c) Claudia / 2010


  1. It's by YOUR eyes that my mind lurches,
    theses eyes that glare like burning churches!
    Raise, embrace, enkindle me!
    Sear me!! My Epiphany!