Montag, 31. Januar 2011

The beauty of a mind

Einem wunderschönen Menschen.

I witnessed beauty. Strength it hath!
Did not know why it came, nor whence.
A mind that rankly walks its path,
Fire at heart, lust in its glance -
But then, bereaved of all the wrath,
Smiles gentleness and innocence.

It stands forlorn, of firmest kind,
Yet in awe, the world to see.
But now, with our cores that bind,
With this kiss, let me show to thee:
The beauty of your longing mind
And all the bliss it is to me.

(c) Claudia, 2011


  1. Ah! she is my balm and healing,
    mild and gentle, rich and fine.
    Quench my thirst and stir my feeling
    when I drink her she'll be mine.