Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

I Might Be Wounded

How could I deny the traces
That life and love have left?
How could the scars upon my skin
Fail to reveal these depths?
     The ravenous shadows
     That followed me through
     Might have left me wounded
     But I never knew.

How could I deny the dungeon
That pain and loss have built?
And will I, once I've torn it down,
Face fear and blood that's spilled?
      So this utmost darkness
     That carried me through
     Has stopped me from healing
     But I never knew.

How could I restrain the courage
This heart has kept within?
Ascension lies upon paths astray:
This journey has to begin.
     There's more to this burden
     This I must demand!
     I see stars from this gutter -
     Now I understand.

     I may find salvation
     In your gracious hands...

(c) Claudia, 2011

Mal nicht ganz so hochgeistig, aber ein wenig authentischer als vieles von dem hochtrabenden Zeug, das ich sonst den lieben langen Tag von mir gebe, nichwahr. :D

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